Saturday, February 14, 2009

obama's my homie.

just been surfing the net looking at some photos for my visual communication journal and i was looking through older archives at and i found this:
totally got me excited about the fact that he is finally president. peace&love obama! show em how its finally done :)

life updatee: i've lasted through midterm week, which i am so very grateful for. i managed to stay stress free majority of the time regardless of the fact that i didn't get to study as much as i would have liked-that being my fault and not managing my time as well i probably could have since midterm week creeped up much faster than i thought it would. but i learned my lesson and this reading week i intend to finish as much work as possible, maybe even finish my journal early (its due at the end of the semester) because it is ridiculously time consuming, more so than i thought. i've got a buncha stuff due the week after we get back and than after that its pretty smooth sailing, nothing due for a couple of weeks which will be an uhmazing feeling because i can relax a bit, maybe take a few more shifts at work so i can save up more money before the semester ends and i move back home, quite possibly jobless once again.

my very first article was published a couple of weeks ago in Futuréale which i was surprisingly very proud about despite not looking at myself as a journalist or a writer etc. It was about Toronto's Top Five Blogs, go to and check it out :) i've got another article coming up in the March issue about the Toronto Free Gallery which is showcasing a couple of my own photos that i took when i went downtown to check the place out even though it was ridiculously crappy weather.

While downtown i got my nose pierced at the parlour next door after finishing my interview at Toronto Free lol. Parents were not too happy about that but they've gotten over it :) I'm hoping on getting a little hoop in the next couple of weeks depending on my money situation.

I'm missing valentines day with my boy since i'm up at the cotttage with my famjam but s'all good. i surprised him with a chicken dinner last night even though he was feeling really sick. [hope you're okay love] had alittle bit a meltdown earlier yesterday, which was my fault for over reacting..still a bit sensitive to some things but i'm feeling better and i'm looking forward to this summer/next year.

i can't really think of anything else at this point, it feels like its midnight and its not even 1030, i should probably get going though, get up earlier than usual tomorrow so i can get some homework done and maybe even draw a bit in my sketch book, finish michael's drawing of spiderman and venom :)



Monday, February 2, 2009

i miss you boy, you're all that makes me true.

the night that we met
the back of the show
my favorite band
but you wouldn't know
from looking at me
all wrapped up in you
but where can you be now
and what can I do for you
just say amanda oh, I love you,
I need you, and no one will do you.