Wednesday, September 23, 2009

oh, it is love.

miss these days.

HAH yeah, need to keep up better with posting more regularly. i actually have a good reason this time, this past summer i worked THREE jobs, im sure people have done more but for me it was insane. so morning noon and night you could find me working about 98% of the time. the other two percent i was trying to catch up on sleep plus see michael/friends/family. it was quite exhausting. but i managed to save up enough money to pay for one semester of tuition :)
speaking of tuition, school has obviously started. second year and everything! quite crazy that i've already made it through one entire year of university without losing my mind (completely) i've been trying to get back into the swing of things, trying to stay more organized than last year, which hasn't been going entirely the way i had hoped but it could be worse. commuting kinda sucks cause i have to plan my day about an hour 1/2 ahead of schedule so i'm not late, bypassing traffic and not feeling stressed the minute i walk onto campus, but the actual driving part isn't too shabby. i just need to buy myself some more blank cds so i have more of a variety of music to listen to! i have 5 classes in total per week with wednesday's off which is uhmazing. i didnt realize how nice it was to have a day off in the middle of the week! i haven't been a total social butterfly since i am living at home so i've missed basically all of the frosh events-boourns. LMFAO friggin performed on the humber campus and i wanted to go so badly but i got stuck working :( oh well, another time.
my photography class this semester isn't sucking unlike last year! my professor is Mike Berube, he works for the New York Times and is TWENTY THREE YEARS OLD. yess people, you read right, hes 23 and works for the new york times. how in the hell he managed to snag that job i have no idea but i definetly plan on asking him! he's turning out to be a totally chill prof who can relate to us in the whole sense that we're broke, super busy students trying to balance social lives with getting good grades and getting to where we want to go. i've learned so much in the past two classes then i did all last year so i've been pretty darn excited to learn more! i actually have my first photography assignment due this friday, and we have to hand in a minimum of 10 photos, so because i do like my prof so much i don't want to disapoint him at all. thus resulting in more pressure to do a good job which ='s in me thinking WAY too hard about what i should be shooting/themes/ideas etcetcetc. the only good part out of the immense amount of thinking that i've been doing is i'm realizing how little i really do know about photoshop! i know how to do the basics but anything fancier i'm lost lol.

besides school stuff, i've been also thinking about my personal life lately and there are a few things i'd like to change about myself. mostly personality wise and a few things physically. lately i've been really hypersensitive and cranky (no its not just because its that time of the month) and just really pessimistic. i used to be this crazy carefree girl and i feel like i've lost the part of me somewhere along the way. i'm not sure why, i think maybe because all summer i was stressed out from work plus no sleep plus no social hangouts with friends and no trips anywhere like the cottage except for once the whole summer. i think its taken a toll on me and my relationships with my friends and family and i definetly need to do something about it.

so over the past month of september there are a few things that i need to do:

-photoshop tutorials
-tablet tutorials
-get my hair dyed
-get my second tattoo (preferably on my twentieth birthday)
-finish fixing up/organizing my office
-open up a savings account
-start saving more moolaah.
-start taking pictures 24/7 again
-start blogging more frequently

OH and i will definetly be doing a link drop in the next post to come so stay tuned for that!

hope everyone's enjoying the last days of summer and first days of fall :)