Friday, November 27, 2009

static frizz.

so i'm sitting in my photography class, early, waiting for it to start and be over so i can go home and nap. i hope it ends a bit earlier then usual cause i really really dont want to get stuck in traffic, plus i dont think the quarter tank of gas will last me the whole way if i'm sitting bumper to bumper with the other commuters on the road :

other then that, last night was just what i needed ! me and a group of my girlfrans went to the campus pub's official opening and danced our hearts out :) it was sweet cause we all got dressed up and worked our legs out lol note to self: wear smaller heels next time other then my 6 inch wedges <3

i'm supposed to go to the movies with my momma and my sister tonight, i realized the other day that the 3 of us actually haven't ever hung out. Its either my mom and i, my mom and my sister, or my sister and i, if that makes sense. I'm excited to see how that works out, i hope we don't get annoyed with each other lol. After that though tomorrow i work 11 to 5 and then the rest of the weekend will be spent writing my last paper for the semester and trying to study for my documentary film exam which will be death for sure since the prof wasn't very specific on what to study. i hope my attention span will let me at least get some study notes finished lol.

to top it off my hair is doing the static frizz thing when it gets colder out and no matter what you do your hair just wants to attach itself to your face and stand up on end. yeah didn't you hear, its a new trend :P


Friday, November 20, 2009

i just downloaded..

the new msn and its actually totally sweet. it is a bit more like skype and it came with totally cool programs such as this writer one that i’m currently using. its like photoshop but for blog writing! as well as a photo gallery which i am hoping will help organize my ridiculous amount of photos :) but i’ll have to save that for tomorrow since its already one am and i have to work in the morning! hope everyone is having a good day and weekend so far!



Sunday, November 8, 2009