Friday, October 23, 2009

Death by chocolate.

So I'm having some trouble falling asleep. I'm not sure if it's because my mind is already anticipating the ridiculously long day/night ahead of me or it's the stress that I just can't get rid of.

When I was studying earlier tonight, during one of the many breaks I took I started surfing the usual sites of tumblr, blogger and all of the different fashion websites that i religiously check everyday. And then I started wishing that I could put my time and effort into studying fashion and magazines and getting my name out there through networking.

And then I snapped back to reality and realized that I have a midterm on Tuesday that won't write itself and I didn't exactly have a way around it unless I got h1n1 or somehow broke a bone, preferrably my right wrist, the day before or maybe even the day of my midterm.

Chances of that happening are prettttty slim. So instead I shall finish my rant and go to sleep and hope to god I learn something at the end of the semester.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

please add this to my wishlist as well.

a moleskine daily planner-imagine the organizational possibilities :P

wish list.

"night at the opera" dress-modcloth.
this necklace please and thank you-modcloth.

picture happy nights - especially when we get dolled up ;)

more reunions like this one.

an old english bulldog-asap!

"virginia ankle boot pumps" - to die for.

to get in touch with my military side ;) muahah. also from modcloth!

this beautiful bag from modcloth!

more trips to wasaga next summer!

dancin' and singin' time.

i'd just like to say that i am super stoked for the next two weeks.

going to see METRIC in hamilton for my bff's birthday! WEEUUU it's going to be uhmazing ! :)

going to see SAY ANYTHING with the love of my lifee! I think i'm going to die a little when i see Max Bemis on stage :)

All i have to do is get through my last midterm next tuesday and bam i have some time to relax but i'm hoping to get some assignments done in advance of their duedates so i don't have to worry about them. butt i usually say that and it never really happens. ah well!

hope everyone's midterm weeks are going well :)

peace & love!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

i feel lighter.

oh hay blonde hair!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hope for the hopeless.

What I don't understand is why some people just can't move on with their lives. Yes, I realize it's hard to let go of people or things that may have meant a lot to you at one point in time but life happens, we all change, you can't hold on to the past or something that once was or what could have been. It doesn't always work like that; all you can do is be there for that person as much as your life allows it and if it's meant to work out either they will be constant in the time to come or you will drift apart. If that time comes remember the memories you have of them or of it.

Life is too short to deal with crap like that.
Get over yourself be happy that they're there or that they're happy, move on.


Monday, October 19, 2009

back to the beginning.

- 2007.
two in a half years plus some to come.
love you handsome.

mash up 02.

You're gentle now, but I recall
Both tender fire and bitter squall
A history so deep it hurts to look

Oh the elements I do not fear but
I fall apart when you appear
Cos you are the greatest
The greatest disaster

The circles darken round our eyes
And yet our bodies, when combined
They gleam like diamonds in cave

My cheeks red like fire engines racing
straight to the heat of your skin

Heloise gave her whole heart to Pete
Now eternally sleeps by his side
Oh, go ahead, fate, oh, give us your best
What is worth living for is worth a fight

If I were old, my dearest, you would be older
But I would crawl upon your lap
Wrap a blanket round our frail little shoulders
And I'd die happily like that

tribute to A Fine Frenzy:

"The World Without"
"What I Wouldn't Do"

-Le Love

Saturday, October 3, 2009

so far so good!

-image from

i have accomplished the following on my mini to-do list so far:

- got my hair dyed! i took the plunge and i will hopefully be able to post a decent photo soon.
- opened up a savings account! still havent saved any money though. working on it!
- i havent used any tutorials for either my tablet or photoshop but i have been messing around with both things ( i created my header with both programs!) and slowly getting used to them :)

slowly but surely ill hopefully get to check off more things ! as of right now a mini update is school is starting to get a wee bit stressful, i can feel it creeping up-i have two assignments due this week which i've been working on. i purchased myself an ipod touch off the apple store yesterday, it was quite exciting because i've been waiting for the price to go down for 2 1/2 years and it finally did! i got an 8GB for 219 dollarsss! they're usually 239.99 plus tax. it should hopefully be shipped sometime this week :)

i have another photography assignment due on friday which im also excited to complete, i'd like to actually think of a really good theme/subject matter for my photo content this time but i'm still in the midst of brainstorming. i too will post a few photos once i've taken them !

well i best be going to bed, i know i promised a link drop but its almost 2am and i need a somewhats decent nights sleep so i can function to write my essay tomorrow! wish me luck!