Sunday, July 12, 2009

banana&strawberry smoothies.

Soo i've successfully survived my first three days of work at the provincial park.
It hasnt been too bad so far. I imagined much worse (as always) but i find that i've been somewhat enjoying myself. I wasn't sure how much i would like being outside for 8 hours 5 days a week but i love it! Normally the amount of time i spend outside isn't as much as i would like unless im at the beach or well in the car with my window down (which doesn't really count), so i guess you could look at it in the sense that i'm making up for lost outdoor time lol.

I'm on the paint crew until about mid august and then i switch on to actual maintenance crew. So right now my work consists of scraping paint off of buildings and repainting them. And from the looks of it thats what it i'll be doing everyday until mid August. The only part i've been hating is the scraping paint part, and the coveralls we have to wear while painting overtop of our uniforms because we cant get them dirty. Totally understandable right? Well when its 32 degrees outside WITH the humidex while wearing long sleeved, full length dark blue coveralls while painting buildings that are 90% of the time without trees around them which ='s no shade, it can be a bit hard to understand the mandatority (is that even a word? hah) of it all.

Despite the hot days, the people i've met so far are cool. They're all really laidback and very open once you've been around them for a couple of days. Theres two people on paint crew. The other girl Nicole has been super and has been VERY understanding when it comes to my clumsy-ness, phobia of spiders and awkward rambling due to nervousness! The boy Josh is very quiet and doesn't say much. I'm not sure if its him being shy or if he doesn't like me lol. I'm hoping its the first idea lol. My favourite part of the day is lunch time. We all get a half hour lunch break and we all eat together at the Maintenance Building and once we're done eating we play this crazy card game which i have no idea what it's called but its fun and i haven't been compeltely horrible playing it.

Since starting work i've managed to create a routine for myself, where i actually go to bed at a decent time, make myself a fairly healthy lunch and while at work, move around a whole lot more than i was before i started. I've probably lost a few pounds just from sweating paha. For the past week i've had the house to myself since my parents went to the cottage for two weeks. So ive had to fend for myself for food and keeping the house clean. I've actually been enjoying myself alot which makes me look forward to having my own place in the next few years. My family has always harassed me for being lazy and "what the state of my own house will be" because i usually have a messy room etcetc. But i've kept the house fairly tidy during the week AND i spent all morning of today cleaning, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. The only place i've yet to tackle is my room! And earlier this week i came home from work and cooked a chicken, potato and veggie dinner all from scratch :) Michael came home from work later on and surprised me with a big beautiful bouqet of flowers!

Andd on Friday after i got home from work, i was absolutely exhausted and didnt want to go anywhere but Michael told me he wanted to take me somewhere but it was a surprise. So i reluctantly went with him. At first i thought he was taking me to this little store downtown and i was so confused because i had no idea why he'd want to take me there. Of course i didnt realize that there was a jewellery store right next door to that store andd of course i didn't put two and two together until we were right in front of the jewellery store. He is one sneaky boy! He brought me to the jewellery store so i could pick out my anniversary present!! We had made a mutual decision back in may that we would put off getting each other presents for our two years since we both were extremely tight on cash. He bought me a beautiful sterling silver ring that is absolutely perfect! I will take a picture of it eventually and post it up here :)

So over all the last week has been good, extremely busy but relaxing at the same time! I'm not sure how that works but it does. Well i've finished my banana&strawberry smoothie and i have a couple things left to do on my list but i hope all is well for everyone (my whole 3 followers!) and i will hopefully post a little bit more frequently.