Friday, December 12, 2008

room of knowledge.

i went back to my high school to visit some teachers with michael.
i had to wear a visitor's sticker and sign in.
it was weird walking through the halls again.
i definetly didn't miss the pushing and shoving trying to get past
the masses of 9th graders crowding the halls cause they have yet
to learn the rules of the hallway haha. there were new murals up
on the walls, but other than that everything looked relatively the same.

all of my teachers asked how i liked university.
only one asked how me and mike were dealing with the distance.
most of the people we saw all said they were so happy that we were
still together. it was nice to peek over and see him standing there
next to me still, more than a year later. i felt older walking through the
halls. like i had the hidden secret to life figured out, which these kids
shoving past me, yelling and shouting without a care in the world, have yet
to understand.

the last place we went to visit was our photography class. we sat and talked
with a friend of mine and my teacher. i didnt realize how much i missed that
photography class. how inspiring it really was just walking in there. and how funny
my photog teacher still is, picking on students, throwing film canisters at them lol.
the class rooms at GH are beautiful, but they dont compare to this one.
i don't feel as creative while im there, which is disapointing in so many ways,
since your university years are supposed to be amazing. well step by step i'm
hoping they'll improve. first year seems to be all a learning experience for me.

theres a big part of me that wishes i could go back. play a few more games of rugby,
go to one last semi formal, take one more art class and spend one last spare in the
library. i really miss the days when it would get warmer cause summer was getting
closer, and me and mike would skip class with friends to hang out and drive with the windows
down, music loud..mhmm those were my favourite days.


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

never think.

my four day break from school has come to a close.
im going back to toronto tomorrow, but not till later,
so that way im not stuck at residence all day until my
shift at work starts. that makes me happy cause i dont
feel good still (which is why i can't sleep, and the reason
behind this blog) so ill get to sleep in a bit tomorrow, as
well as spend the day with michael, go back to my high
school and see some teachers and go get michael's hair
cut with him :) im hoping itll be a nice day, and im hoping
ill feel better tomorrow, cause if i dont, work is going to
be very very long.

i finished New Moon. I loved it, regardless of how long
Edward was gone for. I love Stephanie Meyer's writing,
it flows so well and it's so easy to read. I've never been big
on vampires or werewolves but this is actually interesting.
not to mention im the biggest sap youll ever meet :P
hah. well all i know is im super excited to read eclipse
and breaking dawn. i'm hoping i get all four books for xmas.

despite being sick for the majority of the four days, i got to
sleep in my bed, bum around with michael and see my family.
it snowed so much, i wish i got to go play in it, but i had to finish
my lame internet research exam. but its done and over.
no worries.
i just hope i pass.

well. i'm starting to ramble. and i havent been going to sleep at the right
times, like i've mentioned a few times, so i best be getting to sleep.


Friday, December 5, 2008

explosions in the sky.

michael's paint picture of his love for me :)

things are looking up.
i have one last exam left to do which is a take home one- not too bad.
i'm quite happy about that.
i get to go home tomorrow after i finish my shift at work, ill be gone till
wednesday when i have to work again. my goal is to make this job work
and get through december hopefully without having to depend staying
on residence too much.

i've gotten some grades back from some classes, and so far i've been quite
impressed with myself. i've improved my grades by a whole lot and i didn't think
the outcome was going to be that great. i'm hoping that my overall average wont
be too bad now. i really just want to pass all of my classes. next semester will be
entirely different. i plan on trying extra hard in all of my classes no matter what.

the house is going up for sale, er, well i went up for sale yesterday i think.
its a big long story, but the outcome will hopefully be living in a house that
reminds me of the house i grew up in, which makes me really happy :)

things with michael are unbelievable, i think i truly struck gold with cupid
in finding him. i've never loved a human being so much in this way.
i used to think it was too good to be true, and my bubble would pop any
second and i would go back to trying to find mr.right. but i've found him.
and i'm the luckiest girl in the world.

its my neices birthday party on saturday, i cant go to it because i'm working
but ill be there for the day of her actual birthday which is exciting. she's turning 6,
and looks like a 10 year old. shes gotten so big so fast i don't know where time has

i'm actually sorta excited for christmas even, despite lacking in money, i'm going to
try and get everybody something for xmas. i might have to postpone some presents
here and there due to ridiculous cell phone bills, but we've found a solution for that.

well its getting late, and i want to read another chapter of new moon before
falling asleep. edward cullen reminds me completely of my boy and it makes me
that much happier reading these books :D


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"pursue some path
however narrow
and crooked,
in which you can
walk with love and

- Henry David Thoreau