Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blade Runner

so i'm stuck in my film study class watching blade runner..
i don't entire understand it yet, its kinda lame. i'm hoping
ill catch on in a bit, but i highly doubt that.
my attention span is not working today lol.
im tired from doing nothing if that makes sense.
maybe its cause im hoping this class goes by quickly so i
can leave and go out to the mandarin with leviana and nick
and then to the Toronto Free Art Gallery so i can interview
the owner for my article for FutuReale :) i think i need to
start going downtown more often, being down town makes
me happy.

well hope everybodys having a good day.
ill post the second half to my story maybe tomorrow.
i wont have time tonight, going out to the pub on campus
for the first time, since you know, im finally legal :)


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