Sunday, January 4, 2009


So i havent posted in a while, i apologize xmas break has been good to me in the sense that i
havent been using the computer or the internet all too much. unlike when im at school and im on
it 24/7. it was a nice break thats for sure.

heres a quick update:

i'm in love with my boy (still) more than ever.
christmas was fine, slept over at my sisters and had xmas morning there with my famjam.
new years was kinda shitty, but what can you do.
i havent gotten up earlier than 1030am this entire break :D
my sleep schedules still messed up but i've managed to catch up on most of my sleep lol.

i will be contributing to a new Toronto magazine called FutuReale, they have an online website as well as a dvd that comes out every month. They focus on the arts, living and culture aspects of Toronto which is right up my alley. I'm so stoked for this, my first article will be about Toronto's Top 5 Bloggers. If anyone has any suggestions lemme know!

as for new years resolutions, i usually dont have any.
but i do have some goals, and one of them is to do my homework every day, as soon
as class is over. If its only a project, start it, and work on it alittle bit every day.
i refuse to fall behind like i did last semester. i want to do things differently this semester,
bring up my grades more.

i think that's all i have so far.
i was supposed to go back to rez today, but the weather has foiled that plan.
so i gotta wake up early tomorrow morning and get there before my class starts.
hopefully it wont be too stressful.

well, as much as i want to keep writing more, i have to get going.


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