Friday, October 23, 2009

Death by chocolate.

So I'm having some trouble falling asleep. I'm not sure if it's because my mind is already anticipating the ridiculously long day/night ahead of me or it's the stress that I just can't get rid of.

When I was studying earlier tonight, during one of the many breaks I took I started surfing the usual sites of tumblr, blogger and all of the different fashion websites that i religiously check everyday. And then I started wishing that I could put my time and effort into studying fashion and magazines and getting my name out there through networking.

And then I snapped back to reality and realized that I have a midterm on Tuesday that won't write itself and I didn't exactly have a way around it unless I got h1n1 or somehow broke a bone, preferrably my right wrist, the day before or maybe even the day of my midterm.

Chances of that happening are prettttty slim. So instead I shall finish my rant and go to sleep and hope to god I learn something at the end of the semester.



Kristina. said...

Funny story, I actually HAD swine flu and didn't even know!

Doctor says I'm on the end cusp of it, and should be better by middle of next week!
But I wrote 3 papers and 3 midterms with it! AHH! So shitty! I wish I knew!

amanda. said...

WHAT THE EFF LOL holy crap that is friggin CRAZY! oh my dear well at least you're getting better !! thats all that matters :)

and you should be proud of yourself in writing those 3 papers and 3 midterms WHILE SICK, and not just any sickness but h1n1 lol.

feel better lovely!! <3

michael. said...

look if you want to do this fashion thing so bad then do it, i want you to do what you love and what i know your passionate about okay, do what you gotta do my love.