Monday, September 15, 2008


so we've talked things through, face to face. and i feel much better letting him know where i stand. although we talked i still feel as if he didn't talk enough. but im going to let it go for now at least. at the moment things feel somewhat back to normal- as normal as they'll get. i really should be doing my reading, but the chapters are filled with topics that just do not interest me. its kinda disapointing that the class is tomorrow morning at 9. which means i have to wake up at 7 just so i can actually wake up, stumble around a bit until i finally get my stuff to go shower. i really hate morning classes, im not entirely sure why i chose two of my classes to be morning classes. i dont know what i was thinking lol.

this is really a pointless post. something to do just so i dont have to read those chapters. i've never really been good at staying away from distracitons. one of my downfalls i guess. oh well, i'm trying out my very first yoga class tomorrow so i have something to look forward to :)


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