Thursday, September 25, 2008

Soon We'll Be Found.

These pictures i took over the past week or so with my new Nikon D200. I finally got it! I'm pretty happy, but i'm still learning how to use it. I've used manual SLRS and film majority of the time that i'm taking pictures, so finally getting a digital slr is a big deal lol.

I'm going home for the weekend tomorrow night. I'm really hoping for a good time, and no stress. I still have my cold from like three weeks ago, and i'm starting to think that its stuck around for so long because of stress, and a shitty sleep schedule. Once again, if all goes well, my cold will be gone come monday.

Well even if this weekend goes bad, ill have the weekend after to look forward to; Nuit Blanche is going on October 4th. It'll be my first year going, and i really hope my plans work out and ill get to stay as late as possible. It's an all night sort of thing, and goes till sunrise. There is art all over Toronto. I'm excited. Check the link if you want:

another late night with another early morning.

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