Thursday, October 23, 2008


"i've found the person i want to spend the rest of my life with,
we are going to take care of each other."

The past few weeks have been kinda crazy. Midterms, essays, major projects..more essays. I felt like i had been falling behind but slowly i've managed to get back on top of things, well sort of. There are still some things that i haven't finished or don't feel like finishing because of my stubborn-ness or i've simply lost interest in them.

but i've got a general idea on the things i want to do with the major projects that are coming up. I've got one last midterm left next tuesday. i have a 10 page essay due on sunday though, which i've been struggling with. And i probably will struggle with all weekend. But all i can do is try, and hope to god i pass my classes. I've promised second semester will be different though. I've chosen my courses and i have an idea of what my week will look like. I've promised i will do things differently. I will actually strive for higher grades instead of just passing ones.

i might be getting a job soon, hopefully bluenotes will hire me at the mall nearby. i'm also hoping i'm not stuck at residence all of christmas holidays; which, when thinking about it, is severely depressing. we'll see what happens. All i can do is hope for the best.

things with michael have been great. i've said it before but i'm reallly glad we're still together. despite everything, that boy still holds my heart. i don't think i've ever loved like this before. never felt so strongly about a person before. part of me still secretly daydreams about the future and what it would look like if he and i were still together..maybe even lived together- actually merged our lives together. it's all very pathetic but i do have these random day dreams, and i secretly love them with all my heart. i try not to talk about them to him directly since i don't want to scare him off. these thoughts are most definetly the girly part of me coming out.
i can't wait to see him tomorrow night. <3

well i would sit and type more, but i have a 9am class tmorrow-er later this morning so i should get to bed. i was up till 430 the night before doing homework. i hope this weekend is productive in homework but also relaxing for the sake of my sanity.


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