Tuesday, October 28, 2008

So i have finished my 10 page essay and i wrote my last mid-term today.
It feels gooood :) All i have left to do is a term paper, another major research
essay-both due next week. And then an assignment due end of november and a final
assignment due beginning of december.

im going to try and finish my term paper before this weekend.
its halloween and i want to relax as much as possible. maybe even catch up on more sleep.
knowing my luck though that won't happen lol.

well. a certain someone messaged me today on fcbk. she had the balls to ask where mike was because she hadn't heard from him in a while. i had a split second to decide my reaction-whether to be that bitch as payback or to be civil and the bigger person. It was a really hard decision. I ended up being civil, answering her question and making small talk. every part of me wanted to start yellling at her, i'm not gonna lie it was really hard not to call her a bitch and just block her. but that would be a cowardly way of handling the situation. which is why i didn't do that.

my trust with mike is slowly increasing. like i've said before there are still moments of doubt.
i'm slowly letting go though. lifes too short to be spent miserable and paranoid.
it's also too short to spend stressed to the max, which is why i think i'm going to have a little
break today from school work.



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