Friday, October 10, 2008

nineteen again.

i'm at the GH building.
i've been here since about one oclock, doing my homework.
i really like being here, theres alot of windows and today's been
a gorgeous day so its really sunny. I got some work done, but i'm
at the point where my attention span is deteriorating and i'm getting
fidgety. I kinda wish i didn't have to wait till 8pm for my mom to come
pick me up. I'm looking forward to this weekend, i get to see my family
and my cousins. I'll hopefully get to see my boy on monday.
I have alot to look forward to actually.

I heard a quote yesterday: "Freedom is truth and truth is strength."
I really believe that. I was honest with my english teacher in handing in
my module late. i didn't try to make up any excuses or anything.
the result, my consequences weren't as harsh. she simply said,
'better late then never' i hope she takes my work into consideration.

i'm still an insomniac. i got five hours sleep last night, morning came far
too soon. it's getting to that point where winters creeping up, and mornings,
the sun comes up later, so when i wake up to get ready, its still dark out.
everything seems grey, not as bright as it could be. i'm starting to think
that might have played a great part in my moods the past couple of weeks,
because despite waking up tired and exhausted, i was alert and somewhat happy
to be up and to get to class. Things didn't seem as frustrating.

well its supposed to be beautiful all weekend. im hoping to get some great shots
with my cousin, take advantage of the good weather and lighting.
i also plan on getting as much work done as possible, and staying on top of
assignments this upcoming week. no more procrastination. i'm going to try
and have a great week, to make up for the past few that didn't turn out
the way i had hoped. revamp my life.

happy thanksgiving.

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