Friday, December 5, 2008

explosions in the sky.

michael's paint picture of his love for me :)

things are looking up.
i have one last exam left to do which is a take home one- not too bad.
i'm quite happy about that.
i get to go home tomorrow after i finish my shift at work, ill be gone till
wednesday when i have to work again. my goal is to make this job work
and get through december hopefully without having to depend staying
on residence too much.

i've gotten some grades back from some classes, and so far i've been quite
impressed with myself. i've improved my grades by a whole lot and i didn't think
the outcome was going to be that great. i'm hoping that my overall average wont
be too bad now. i really just want to pass all of my classes. next semester will be
entirely different. i plan on trying extra hard in all of my classes no matter what.

the house is going up for sale, er, well i went up for sale yesterday i think.
its a big long story, but the outcome will hopefully be living in a house that
reminds me of the house i grew up in, which makes me really happy :)

things with michael are unbelievable, i think i truly struck gold with cupid
in finding him. i've never loved a human being so much in this way.
i used to think it was too good to be true, and my bubble would pop any
second and i would go back to trying to find mr.right. but i've found him.
and i'm the luckiest girl in the world.

its my neices birthday party on saturday, i cant go to it because i'm working
but ill be there for the day of her actual birthday which is exciting. she's turning 6,
and looks like a 10 year old. shes gotten so big so fast i don't know where time has

i'm actually sorta excited for christmas even, despite lacking in money, i'm going to
try and get everybody something for xmas. i might have to postpone some presents
here and there due to ridiculous cell phone bills, but we've found a solution for that.

well its getting late, and i want to read another chapter of new moon before
falling asleep. edward cullen reminds me completely of my boy and it makes me
that much happier reading these books :D


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