Monday, May 4, 2009

its been too long.

so i've been seriously slack on postings. i know, i suck.
life got crazy towards the end of school, but im happy to say that i passed my first year of university! muahah and with decent grades too :). so now that school is done and summer is here, this is a lowdown on what i have been up to:

- road trip to st.catharines the minute my last exam finished.
- slept in till 2 in the pm every day my first week home.
- had a couple of job interviews, landed my first gig as a freelance photographer for the local newspaper! look for my name at the bottom of some photos ;) aha can't wait to start that.
- couple of picture adventures here and there
- a zillion trips to dairy queen for a georgia mud fudge blizzard-my guilty pleasuree. its going straight to mah hippss!
- bonfire to see some old friends :)
- spending lotsa time babysitting my nieces !
- working on my carr, yes i am slowly becoming a grease monkey paha
- trying to plan out a weekend to see leviana, my bff from university.
- being a computer nerd and surfing the world wide web for cool new blogs & websites
-FINALLY gave into the twitter craze paha, i seriously suck at it
- went to the cottage with my boy for our two year anniversary [which is on thursday ! <3]
- and in between all of that helping out with my old high school's rugby team, had a practice today and a game tomorrow! Let's go marauders!

So far so good for summer, i just wish the weather would warm up. It's been flip flopping all over the place between super humid, to thunderstorms and loads of rain and then back to the freezing cold with ridiculous wind. i just cannot wait for my first trip to the beach that is for sure.

well thats about it so far, ill post links to those new blogs i've found over the past few days that you should most definetly check out if you have a minute!
-a entire blog dedicated to images of love. can we just say that IM IN LOVE :)
- one of the most inspirational people i've everr met. her writing is uhmazing.
- this girl is hilarious. i don't remember the last time i laughed outload after reading justone post.
- cutest doodles of my life.


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Leviana Coccia said...

Aww! Thanks for promoting my blog and I can't wait to see you! Your summer sounds so cute. Miss you, love you.