Friday, May 8, 2009

technically unemployed. FML.

so i am home from school as mentioned before. i've had several job interviews and applied absolutely everywhere, also previously mentioned but i just can't seem to get a job in this ridiculous small town. i managed to get hired in about a week 1/2 when i was living in toronto with absolutely no problem whatsoever. move back home and so far all i've managed to successfully accomplish is my freelancing job at the local newspaper. Although this is totally awesome and really good publicity, i have yet to recieve my first assignment which is fairly disapointing cause that means zero cash for me. I've also applied for this marketing researching job where you basically get paied to fill out surveys and give corporate companies your opinion on their products etc. Brilliant opportunity and obviously i've signed up, but its also going slow-i have to wait for these corporate companies to send me these surveys. I'm not very patient as you can see. My stash of cash is running ridiculously low so all i want is to just start working so i can pay for my car and save up for school since i most likely will not recieve as much financial help from OSAP.

ugh. enough financial and school talk.

yesterday was my two year anniversary with my boy :)
it doesnt feel like two years has gone by already, time goes by so fast! i still remember our first date and the first time we kissed and how ridiculously giddy i was. it really does feel like it was just yesterday. i know i've expressed it an endless amount of times throughout my blogs but i'm just really glad we've made it this far. i love him too much for my own good and although i think of myself as independent, i would feel a bit lost without him in my life. who would be there to make me fall over laughing from his silly jokes and random moments of craziness? who would be there to cuddle and rub my back for me!? and really, who would be able to know me inside and out as well as he does, its hard to say but i've never had anybody know me to the extent where all i have to do is look at him and he knows something is wrong. so in conclusion to this point; michael i hope we get to celebrate more anniversarys and experience more events throughout our lives. i love you with my whole heart! xo

well, its fairly late and i should probably get some sleep. as of right now i have been going to sleep at 230-300 in the AM every night and waking up around 1030 in the morning. DEF not enough sleep for mee.


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