Saturday, October 3, 2009

so far so good!

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i have accomplished the following on my mini to-do list so far:

- got my hair dyed! i took the plunge and i will hopefully be able to post a decent photo soon.
- opened up a savings account! still havent saved any money though. working on it!
- i havent used any tutorials for either my tablet or photoshop but i have been messing around with both things ( i created my header with both programs!) and slowly getting used to them :)

slowly but surely ill hopefully get to check off more things ! as of right now a mini update is school is starting to get a wee bit stressful, i can feel it creeping up-i have two assignments due this week which i've been working on. i purchased myself an ipod touch off the apple store yesterday, it was quite exciting because i've been waiting for the price to go down for 2 1/2 years and it finally did! i got an 8GB for 219 dollarsss! they're usually 239.99 plus tax. it should hopefully be shipped sometime this week :)

i have another photography assignment due on friday which im also excited to complete, i'd like to actually think of a really good theme/subject matter for my photo content this time but i'm still in the midst of brainstorming. i too will post a few photos once i've taken them !

well i best be going to bed, i know i promised a link drop but its almost 2am and i need a somewhats decent nights sleep so i can function to write my essay tomorrow! wish me luck!


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