Wednesday, October 8, 2008

mash up.

"Such pain as this shouldn't have to be experienced
I'm still reeling from the loss, still a little bit delirious.

The world carries on without you
But nothing remains the same
I'll be lost without you
Until the last of days
Through walls and harvest moons
I will fight for you

Rushing and racing and running in circles
Moving so fast I'm forgetting my purpose
Blur of the traffic is sending me spinning
Getting nowhere

My head and my heart are colliding chaotic
Pace of the world I just wish I could stop it
Try to appear like I've got it togetherI'm falling apart

And I think of you whenever life gets me down
I think of you whenever you're not around
And you rest your bones
Somewhere far from my house
Yeah, but you still pull me home

Stay for tonight
The sound of your heart
Racing faster is what will save me"

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